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Personal Health Insurance

We not only help companies with their employee benefits, but we also support individuals and their family members with their health insurance needs. If you or your family does not have access to a plan through your work, or you want to explore the alternative of an individual health insurance plan, we can help you. With access to all Colorado carriers we can provide a proposal that includes plans that are both affordable and meet your family’s needs. The application process is all done online, making it simple and quick.

We understand the stress involved in researching and deciding on a medical plan for you and your family, so let us do the work for you. We are experts in healthcare insurance and it costs you nothing to work with us.


Avoid any IRS tax penalties by having a compliant health plan for you and your family today. Penalties will be either a flat dollar amounts or a percentage of income and will steadily rise in 2015 and 2016. 

For a quick quote, please click on the BenefitMall image/link, below and follow the instructions after entering your zip code.

For Individuals

Health Insurance

If you need a quick quote on a health insurance policy for you or your family, we can help. With the ability to shop all carriers and plans, we can put together and email you a link to a complete individual proposal within minutes. With plans organized by premium, you can find a plan that fits your budget and family’s needs, and enroll right online through our link, just click the Apply button next to the plan name. It’s that easy. To get a proposal sent to you right away, just complete the form in the right column and an agent will get started.

Medicare Supplement

We are experts in many areas when it comes to employee benefits, but not all. However, we align ourselves with experts in certain important areas, such as with Medicare. We don’t pretend to know everything, but through our experts in different areas, we got you covered. Our Medicare Supplement expert Kathy can help you find a Medicare Supplement, help you transition off a group plan onto Medicare for the first time, or simply answer your questions. Email Debbie at and let her handle the rest.

Life and Disability Insurance

Not only do we provide a vast array of group life and disability options for our group clients, but we also align ourselves with multiple carriers that can provide you and your family the peace of mind only life and disability insurance can provide. If you don’t have the option to buy life or disability insurance through your employer, or you need more than is available at work, we can help. By having multiple insurance carriers provide quotes for our individual customers, we can find a policy that provides the coverage that you need at a premium that is affordable. Email or call us today, or simply complete the form in the right column. An agent will be back in touch with you within a couple of hours.

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