Our Story

What some happy tennis students say:  
At RMIC, we provide access to the full spectrum of expert services that national consulting firms provide, but the way we work is different. 
We are independently owned. And that’s important to us, because it means we can focus on our clients. 
The way we see it, our job is to make yours easier. Our service is geared to help you recruit and retain top talent. We have cultivated a collection of resources and independent consultants to provide you with a broad scope of professional services right when you need it. 

Our Committed Team

Cindy Myers, cindy@RMIC.biz

Karey Sarlo, karey@RMIC.biz

Mike Perreault, mikep@RMIC.biz

Mike Shores, mikes@RMIC.biz

Debbie Gerken, debbie@RMIC.biz

Lucy Charlton, lucy@RMIC.biz

Michelle Ribaudo, mribaudo@benefitsbroker.com

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