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Online Administration & HR Support

As companies grow and become more successful, the employee benefits administration and HR services function can become an administrative burden, interfering with a company’s goals and objectives. Employee enrollments/open enrollment, on boarding, tax compliance, healthcare reform regulations, and worker’s comp/liability needs all must be understood and done efficiently, yet many companies lose control of these key areas as they grow, actually costing money.


For more than 20 years, we here at RMIC, Inc. have believed in simplifying our client's tasks as it relates to employee benefits.  With such a strategy in mind we provide complete online employee benefit administration, on boarding, HR communications, and enrollments for all of our clients.  From open enrollments, to posting important benefits and HR documents, to on boarding new employees, our clients can virtually eliminate the paperwork surrounding their benefits and HR function, stay compliant, and simplify the entire process, freeing them up to focus on business development and growth.  Even COBRA can be done seamlessly and the employee has 24/7 access to their benefits through the employee's personal portal or their phones via the Apple/Android application.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years, but we provide some of the best technology to our clients to keep them up to date and free of burdensome paper trails and inefficiencies.  The broker remains as the most important asset of a company's employee benefits program, but add the technology of complete online benefits administration and you have an extremely valuable offering that company's appreciate and understand. It's what sets us apart!

Services Include:

     Total online enrollments and benefits


     HR on boarding functionality, document      acknowledgement function, and PTO          tracking

     COBRA administration and billing

     Employee eligibility, rates, effective      

     dates, and life event tracking

     FSA, HRA, HSA integration

     ACA notices (SBC, SPD, SMM, and SAR        reports) all posted online

     HR360 resource library for HR to    

     access 24/7

     Link directly to your payroll vendor or  

     internal systems via extensive  

     reporting features

     Generate hundreds of reports on just    

     about anything​

Value Added Services:​

     Employee Handbook development

     401(K) Administration

     WRAP document development and


     POP/Section 125 Plans

     Employee Screening Services

     Healthcare Compliance Suite/Reform

     Tools and Reports

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