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C. RMIC Employer Services

     Enrollment services

     HR Consulting


     COBRA/State Continuation

     Renewal Support and Consultation

     Plan Contribution Strategy

B. Retirement Plans​


     Simple IRA

     Profit Sharing


D. PPACA Specialists​

Although the Affordable Care Act has only been law since 2010, we have been experts since well before its signing into law and its implementation. With constant updates from the industry, federal and local governments, and the carriers we work with, we can provide our clients with the most up to date and accurate data surrounding the law, and monitor the laws ongoing changes.


One of the most important aspects of your company is the employee benefit program and our team of experts provides not only a wealth of knowledge, but a platform that allows you to attract and retain quality employees. Ongoing support by our brokers and internal staff gives our clients timely information and resolutions, freeing them up to run their businesses, not their benefit programs.


We consider each client’s specific goals and objectives, and build a program that fits their company profile, now, and in the future. We adapt to the ever changing landscape that is your business.​

Employee Benefits

A. Health and Welfare Products​


     Prescription Drugs

​     Dental and Vision

     Group Life

     Group disability, short and long term

     Wellness programs

     Employee assistance programs

     Travel assist programs

     Voluntary employee benefit programs

     Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

     FSA, HRA

We are highly experienced brokers that consult with every area of a company’s employee benefits program. A successful program starts with a broker that understands your company and your objectives. The experienced brokers at RMIC, Inc are experts in the design, implementation, administration, and management of employee benefits, and those supporting products and services.  Specific areas of specialization include:
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