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    Employee Benefits

    We are highly experienced brokers that consult with every area of a company’s employee benefits program. A successful program starts with a broker that understands your company and your objectives.Learn More ...

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    Personal Health Insurance

    We not only help companies with their employee benefits, but we also support individuals and their family members with their health insurance needs.Learn More ...

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    Support Center

    It’s easy to find an insurance plan(s) that fits a company’s needs and objectives, but that’s only one part of a program’s overall success. Ongoing support is the other. Learn more ...

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    Healthcare Reform

    We know it inside and out, so should you! Learn More ...

Introducing RMIC, Inc.

RMIC, Inc. is a highly experienced team of professional insurance brokers with nearly 60 years of combined experience. With dedicated professionals and extremely knowledgeable advisors in the world of insurance and employee benefits, we are in a position to provide businesses a solid, sustainable benefits program backed by years of carrier relationships that foster loyalty and superior relationships. These are imperative and translate into a consultative approach that is extremely valuable to the clients we serve.

Employee Benefits

Highly experienced brokers and a well-trained internal support staff are paramount in developing and maintaining a quality benefits program for employees. Businesses do not need to be burdened with employee benefits but to use this valuable asset to maintain a healthy, and productive workforce, and attract quality employees as the business grows. We understand this important fact! With every aspect of employee benefits covered, we add tremendous value to our client’s businesses and take pride in what we do and how we do it! Learn More ...

Personal Health Insurance

As experts in the arena of insurance, it's no surprise that we have not only helped companies with their benefits, but have also helped thousands of individuals with their personal health insurance needs. As experts in the individual health insurance market, we can provide sound advice when choosing a medical plan for you and your family, and have relationships with all health insurance carriers. This allows us to show you every available option when it comes to your health insurance options. And, we are certified Connect For Health Colorado brokers. Need an individual medical quote ASAP, we can do that! Learn More ...

Support Center

Ongoing support of your company benefits program is at the heart of what we do and understand that this is a vital piece in the success of any employee benefits program. Today's health insurance world requires being up-to-date on carrier changes, legislative updates, and plan design changes, not to mention the implementation of the PPACA and how that affects our clients. Learn more ...

Healthcare Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is the most important legislation to pass in the history of our industry and has changed the world of health insurance forever. For the better part of half a decade, our brokers and staff have studied the law and kept up to date on its changes. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of our jobs is to make sure our clients understand every detail of the law and how it affects their businesses and employees. From small to large groups, and from fully insured to self-funded programs, each is different and needs to be understood on its own. We educate not only the business client but every single employee on their payroll, ensuring everyone understands how this law will affect them and their future healthcare needs. Learn More ...

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